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Take your shot and get vaccinated

Take your shot and get vaccinated

As of June 23, 2022 face coverings are required indoors by everyone with limited exceptions, due to the currently HIGH COVID-19 Community Levels for per CDC for Merced County.

For details related to how the face covering mitigation adjusts with CDC COVID-19 Community Levels for Merced County and relevant exmeptions, reference this communication here.

Exempt situations include:

  • In an enclosed private space (such as an occupant’s private office with door closed or an individual’s dorm room)
  • Showering, washing their face or brushing their teeth in a residence hall or other UC Merced facility with common bathroom facilities
  • While eating or drinking
  • Engaged in indoor, approved intercollegiate athletic activities (while physically practicing or playing), where wearing a face covering could inhibit their ability to breathe, provided they observe other appropriate mitigation measures
  • Children under age 2
  • Persons with a medical or mental health condition or developmental disability that prevents wearing a face covering
  • Anyone performing a specific task that cannot feasibly be performed with a face covering. This exception is limited to the time period in which such tasks are actually being performed

Face coverings will continue to be distributed across campus at the existing locations.

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 Everyone Does Their Part: Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Individuals


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Obtain Your COVID-19 Booster

Booster eligibility begins 5 months after receiving your second dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or after one dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. All eligible individuals are required to get boosted at their earliest convenience. Unboosted individuals can find a local vaccine clinic through the MyTurn website. Once you receive your booster, please click here to upload your proof of vaccination.

wear a face covering building

Wearing a Face Covering is Recommended when Indoors 

Face coverings are strongly encouraged for all individuals when indoors, but not required except for the following situations: 

  • Cat Tracks and Public Transportation 
  • Early Childhood and Education Center (ECEC) 
  • Student Health Services, Counseling Services and Occupational Health will continue to follow face covering guidance for healthcare settings. 

Campus Face Covering Distribution Locations: 

  • Police Department 
  • Valley Terraces Housing Office 
  • Welcome Center 
  • Office of Student Involvement 
  • Dining Center 
  • ECEC (for employees and parents only) 
  • Library 
  • Student Health Center 
  • Bobcat Pantry 
  • Rec Center 
  • Science & Engineering 2 

Off-campus Face Covering Distribution Locations: 

  • Downtown Campus Center 
  • Castle 
  • Fresno Center 

daily health screening

Stay Home When Sick and Submit a Health Screening Questionnaire

Stay home when you are sick. Submit Health Screening Questionnaire when you are sick, have been exposed to COVID19, or have tested positive for COVID19. 

  • If you are symptomatic, please complete the Symptomatic Case Intake 
  • If you are unvaccinated and have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID19, please complete Close Contact form 
    • Important note: If you have recently been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID19 and you are fully vaccinated AND not currently experiencing symptoms, quarantine is not required. 
  • If you have tested positive for COVID19, please complete the COVID-19 Positive Form 

COVID testing

Participate in the Asymptomatic Testing Program

Fully boosted individuals are required to participate in the Lot Quality Asymptomatic (LQA) screening program by taking one additional COVID19 test before May 31, 2022. Those who aren't fully boosted are required to test weekly. Campus Testing is free of charge for all UC Merced students and employees.

wash your hands

Healthy Behaviors

Wash Your Hands. Individuals should appropriately wash their hands several times a day, especially after being in a public place and touching an item or surface that was likely touched by others.


CA Notify

UC Merced recommends that all individuals sign up and use the CA Notify COVID-19 exposure notification system to stay informed and protected. Visit CA Notify for installation guidelines.


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Respect Individual Choices

Those who wear face coverings when optional, keep physically distant, and/or refrain from handshakes, etc. are doing what they feel is necessary to protect themselves or loved ones, and will be free from judgement in our Bobcat community.

Unvaccinated Individuals Do Their Part

In addition to the mitigation measures above, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals are required to:

COVID testing once to twice per week

Take COVID-19 Tests Weekly

Academic appointees, Staff, and Students are required to complete one COVID19 test per week. Rapid antigen tests are available for all employees and students at Student Health Services.  

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Asymptomatic Testing


Options for Unvaccinated Individuals


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COVID-19 Vaccination

Unvaccinated individuals can change their mind at any time and recieve the COVID-19 vaccine. Once proof of vaccination is submitted, you are removed from unvaccinated requirements

Get Vaccinated