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Get Vaccinated and Boosted During the Upcoming Clinic

Re: Get Vaccinated and Boosted During the Upcoming Clinic
To: All campus
January 13, 2022
UC Merced has been working with Golden Valley Health Centers to offer a series of COVID-19 vaccine booster clinics.
As medical experts have continued to highlight, receiving a COVID-19 vaccine booster provides the greatest level of protection against both infection and severity of disease. It is also required by the University of California. As of today, the FDA has approved eligibility for both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines 5 months from the date of your initial vaccination.
Please schedule booster appointments as soon as you are eligible to reduce the risks to yourself and our community.
The tentative schedule for the COVID-19 vaccine booster clinics that will be hosted on campus and will be open to both UC Merced affiliates and the Merced community, ages 5 and up, are as follows:
Friday, Jan 14 | 9AM – 2PM | Location: El Portal 125
Saturday, Jan. 22 | 9AM - 3PM | Location: Conference Center
Saturday, Jan. 29 | 9AM - 3PM | Location: Conference Center
Saturday, Feb. 12 | 9AM – 3PM | Location: Conference Center
To register for this week's clinic, click here.
You can upload your booster information here.
Additionally, the university will be making key policy adjustments:
  • Asymptomatic Testing: Anyone who has not had a booster shot will be required to test weekly. As always, individuals can choose to use the asymptomatic testing clinic on campus or another provider of their choosing, as long as it’s PCR-based. If individuals are boosted, the Lot Quality Assurance (LQA) program is being adjusted to require monthly testing of boosted individuals.
  • The face covering requirement will be revised to only allow for a surgical mask, KN94, KN95 or N95 use indoors throughout this surge. While any face covering is better than no face covering, experts have advised that with this version of COVID-19, it’s important to utilize the proper tools to combat the risk of transmission and strongly recommend the use of either a surgical mask or N95. We are actively working to have both of these readily available across campus, at locations in addition to the kiosks.
  • The CDC and California Department of Public Health have created guidance on a more expedient return for those who have tested positive from COVID-19. We will be adjusting our procedures to allow for a reduced timeline once antigen tests are readily available next week. Procedures on how to communicate your status to the CRC will also be adjusted accordingly.
We will be providing updates via email and posting all communications to the Do Your Part site here. For a quick snapshot of the latest COVID-19 policies, click here. Vaccine clinic information will be updated here.