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Vaccination Compliance Reminder


To: All campus

Nov. 22, 2022


Dear Bobcat Family,


As a reminder, staying current on vaccinations for both COVID-19 and the seasonal flu helps protect the health of our campus community, including students, faculty and staff members. A reduction in the number of influenza and COVID-19 cases can preserve valuable healthcare resources overall. All students and employees are required to take appropriate actions prior to Dec. 2, 2022.


Recognizing the social activity associated with the Thanksgiving holiday, all are strongly encouraged to stop by the distribution kiosks at either Granite Pass or Classroom and Office Building 1 for antigen tests to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, both before and after the break.



  • Students are required to upload COVID-19 vaccination (inclusive of all required boosters) and flu vaccination documentation to the MyHealth Portal.
  • Flu vaccination information can be found here.
  • COVID19 vaccination information can be found here.



The process of reporting your vaccination status has been conveniently simplified. Employees are no longer required to upload proof of vaccination and can instead complete a simple attestation that takes no more than 5 minutes.

  • Once you are up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccination and boosters or you have received an approved medical/religious exemption, please complete a COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation in the WorkHealth Solutions Portal.
  • You will notice this is a new and improved version of the compliance process. Compliance with the vaccination policy is expected to be reviewed on an annual basis ongoing, barring any extenuating circumstances, such as an extremely virulent variant.
  • Employees are required to complete the 2022 - 2023 Flu Vaccination Attestation or Declination in the WorkHealth Solutions Portal.
  • Individuals who are not up-to-date can find a local vaccine clinic through the MyTurn website.
  • For more detailed information, visit the Get Vaccinated page.
  • Instructions for completing your COVID-19 Vaccination Attestation in the WorkHealth Solutions Portal can be found here.


Frequently Asked Questions

UCOP Policy on Vaccination Programs FAQs

COVID-19 Vaccination Program FAQs


We ask that everyone in the Bobcat family Do Your Part in supporting our campus’ health.