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COVID-19 Statistics

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UC Merced COVID-19 Vaccination Rate


UC Merced COVID-19 Positive Case Counts

For the week of: 1/16/2023

Total Cases






Graduate Student


Undergraduate Student



Undergraduate Student


Off Campus Resident


Campus Resident



View archived day-by-day counts of COVID-19 tests and positive cases at UC Merced during the 2021-2022 Academic Year here

View archived weekly counts of COVID-19 tests and positivity at UC Merced during the 2021-2022 Academic Year here.

UC Merced Case Information (Archived 2020-2021)

UC Merced will use CDC COVID-19 Community Level for Merced County as the basis for mitigation practices onsite.  

CDC COVID-19 Community Level for Merced County as of 1/26/2023: LOW (see Face Covering requirements for this status here)


UC Merced Potential COVID-19 Exposures (AB 685) for the last 14 days

Last Updated: January 25, 2023

The AB685 standard requires the university to provide notification when a potential exposure has occurred.  A general email will be sent to the campus community with a link to the table below.  If a qualifying individual enters a worksite and is later diagnosed with COVID-19, this table reports the building name and dates during their infectious period.

For information on COVID-19-related benefits to which you may be entitled, please see Human Resources - COVID-19 Related Resources.

For information on COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection guidelines, please see Environmental Health & Safety - COVID-19 Cleaning Guidance Resources.

AB685 requires UC Merced to provide notice to all unions of any employee (including those not represented by a union) who tested positive for COVID-19 and who worked at UC Merced facilities and to provide the name, job title, date of onset of illness, and location of the worksite. Any employee who does not want their identity to be disclosed in this notification must request anonymity by filling out this form. If you do not fill out this form, your name and job title will be disclosed to the unions if you test positive for the virus.


Building Name

Dates on Site While Infectious

Administration Building

1/17/2023 - 1/26/2023

Arts & Computational Sciences Building

1/18/2023 - 1/27/2023

Classroom and Office Building 1

1/17/2023 - 1/26/2023

Classroom and Office Building 2

1/20/2023 - 1/27/2023

Downtown Campus Center

1/16/2023 - 1/18/2023

El Portal

1/16/2023 - 1/25/2023

Facilities A


Gallo Recreation & Wellness Center

1/19/2023 - 1/26/2023

Glacier Point

1/20/2023 - 1/27/2023

Granite Pass

1/21/2023 - 1/27/2023

Half Dome

1/18/2023 - 1/26/2023

Health & Athletic Center

1/21/2023 - 1/26/2023

Kolligian Library

1/17/2023 - 1/27/2023


1/20/2023 -1/23/2023


1/16/2023 - 1/27/2023

Police Department


San Joaquin Hall

1/17/2023 - 1/21/2023
1/23/2023 - 1/25/2023

Science and Engineering Building 1

1/22/2023 - 1/26/2023

Sentinel Rock

1/17/2023 - 1/27/2023

Social Sciences and Management Building

1/20/2023 - 1/26/2023

Student Services Building

1/18/2023 - 1/23/2023

Tenaya Hall

1/18/2023 - 1/26/2023

Terrace Center

1/20/2023 -1/27/2023


1/16/2023 - 1/17/2023
1/23/2023 - 1/27/2023

Yablokoff-Wallace Dining Center

1/17/2023 - 1/27/2023


About AB685Academic Year 2020-2021 COVID-19 Exposure Notifications (Archived)* Location information provided after case investigation (not included on initial AB 685 email)^BACK TO TOP^


Merced County Statistics

CDC COVID-19 Integrated County View: Merced County  (updated daily by 8pm EST)

The above statistics are neither produced nor owned by UC Merced. UC Merced is not responsible for their accuracy.