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Are you COVID-Positive?

Stay Home and complete this COVID-19 Positive Form immediately to notify the COVID Response Center for further instructions.

  • When can you return? Isolate for at least 5-10 days. Clearance will be provided directly by the COVID Response Center.



What is isolation?
Isolation is used to separate people infected with COVID-19 from people who are not infected.
People who are in isolation should stay home until it’s safe for them to be around others. At home, anyone sick or infected should separate themselves from others by staying in a specific “sick room” or area and using a separate bathroom (if available).

What’s the difference between quarantine and isolation?
Quarantine keeps someone who might have been exposed to the virus away from others. Isolation separates people who are infected with the virus from people who are not infected, even in their own home.

Who needs to isolate?

  • People who have COVID-19
  • People who have symptoms of COVID-19 and are able to recover at home.
  • People who don't have symptoms (are asymptomatic) but have tested positive for COVID-19.

If you are a student living on the campus and have tested positive for COVID-19 you will be placed in an isolation room.

Steps to take:

  • Stay home except to get medical care
  • Monitor your symptoms.
  • If you have an emergency warning sign (including trouble breathing), seek emergency medical care immediately
  • Stay in a separate room from other household members, if possible
  • Use a separate bathroom, if possible
  • Avoid contact with other members of the household and pets
  • Don’t share personal household items, like cups, towels, and utensils
  • Wear a cloth face covering when around other people, if able