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COVID Response Center Use of Personal Information

Re: COVID Response Center Use of Personal Information
To: All Employees
Sept. 2, 2020
The UC Merced COVID Response Center collects and aggregates the daily symptom reporting by faculty, staff and students, through our Health Check App and email system. Their responsibility as a portion of our Do Your Part project is to provide information to individuals about possible COVID exposure and resources to help mitigate risk to our campus and the surrounding community.
There may be times when you must be contacted to discuss options related to work and COVID exposure. The COVID Response Center may contact you in the following ways:
  • Work phone and email
  • Personal phone and email
This notification is being sent to alert you that your personal phone and email may be used for business related purposes as part of the COVID Response Center. We suggest everyone update their information in UC Path so you may be contacted in the event of an emergency. All information will remain protected and confidential.
Thank you,
Andrew Boyd,
Chief Resilience Officer