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Working Forward: Thought Guide Update

From: Human Resources
To: All staff
Subject: Working Forward: Thought Guide Update
May 7, 2021
Dear Campus Colleagues,
As divisions and schools work on plans to bring back more staff to on-site tasks and availability, Human Resources has updated the Working Forward Thought Guide with fresh information that can help these plans come together in a thoughtful, innovative and collaborative manner.
Managers and staff of departments and units have been tasked with developing organizational plans that optimize services and take advantage of what we have learned about work environments and ourselves during more than a year under extraordinary conditions. Draft plans are due May 14 – one step in a process that points to the transition of additional staff to on-site work July 1 and largely in-person instruction and operations in Fall semester.
Please note these plans for on- and off-site work activities only apply to non-represented and represented staff employees. There is separate guidance for faculty for academic appointees and for students.
The Thought Guide, created to help develop work plans, has added or expanded several resources, such as:
  • More detailed guidance on what needs to be in the draft work plans due May 14.
  • A chart that lays out descriptions, requirements and other considerations for four basic work conditions: Fully On-site, Majority On-site, Majority Off-site and Fully Off-site.
  • A glossary of terms used in the plan-development process such as on-site availability, service modality and primary workplaces/workstations. What, for instance, is the difference between remote and telecommute? It is explained here.
Our collective effort to work forward hinges on continuing to push back on COVID-19 with vaccinations, testing, face coverings and physical distancing. Together, we can emerge from a pandemic-dominated world stronger and more determined to carry on UC Merced’s mission of teaching, research and public service.
Thank you,
Luanna K. Putney, Ph.D.
Interim Chief Human Resources Officer, Associate Chancellor and Chief of Staff to the Chancellor