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Forward Together

Responding to UC President Michael Drake’s announcement of the University of California vaccination policy , Chancellor Juan Sánchez Muñoz today issued a new directive governing COVID-19 mitigation measures for the coming academic year.
At this time, face coverings will not be required in most cases for individuals who have submitted proof of vaccination . Daily health attestations will be required for all. Vaccinated individuals on a limited basis will participate in the asymptomatic testing program. Unvaccinated individuals are required to participate weekly.
Further details are outlined in the policy.
This directive applies to all those present on any campus-controlled property, including students, academic appointees, staff, affiliates and visitors.
The directive supersedes the June 4, 2020 Interim Policy and any subsequent revisions. These requirements are expected to persist throughout the academic year. The public health situation is fluid and subject to change, so expect revisions.