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One-time Access to Offices

Re: One-time Access to Offices
To: Faculty and Staff
July 16, 2020
Following the inception of our remote work policy to reduce on-campus density, each school established a mechanism for faculty and staff to request one-time access to their offices to pick up materials needed to work from home.
As we prepare for the fall semester, our work will largely remain remote, and we understand that many of you need to retrieve additional items (e.g., books, files, records) to support your work. To do so, you can request one-time access to campus facilities.
Requesting access provides a record of who is on campus at a particular point in time. This will facilitate our requirement to monitor campus density as well as our contact tracing efforts in the event of a COVID-19 exposure. We appreciate your compliance with this protocol.
Should conditions change we will provide a further update on this topic.
If you have questions or require more information, please contact:
Staff who do not work in a school should contact their immediate supervisors to coordinate access.
Resources and communications for our preparation for fall semester can be found at the Campus Ready site.