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Symptoms Consistent with COVID-19

If you are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID19: Follow typical university sick policy and stay home when you’re sick.  There is no need to notify the COVID Response Center.

  • What To Do Now: Stay home, test immediately, and contact a healthcare provider or UCM Student Health Services (students only).

    • *Monitor your symptoms.  If you experience severe symptoms, including trouble breathing, seek emergency medical care immediately by calling 911 or by going to your local emergency room.*

  • When using an at-home COVID-19 antigen test

    • The FDA recommends that if you test negative for COVID, retest 48 hours after your first negative test, for a total of at least two tests. The CDC advises that multiple negative tests increases the confidence that you are not infected with the COVID-19 virus. If you test negative on the second rapid antigen test and are concerned that you have COVID-19, contact you primary care provider and consider testing again 48 hours after your second test or getting a PCR test.

      • You may return to campus 24 hours after your symptoms have improved and you are free of fever.

    • If test result is positive, see the COVID-19 Positive Page