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COVID-19 Public Health Campus Initiatives

Re: COVID-19 Public Health Campus Initiatives
To: All campus
July 20, 2020
Dear Campus Community,
We are writing you, the faculty, staff and students of the UC Merced community, to update you on the COVID-19 Public Health campus initiatives.
Although we are planning for your return to campus, the timing will be dictated by state and county public health restrictions which are directly related to the severity of COVID-19 in our region and state.
Over the past months we have shared information with this community as it has become available to us and informed you of decisions as we have made them. We are now creating reports to update you on the state of planning and readiness working groups on campus. The first of these reports provides information on the factors that have guided our decision making and the current state of health issues and plans on campus and in the region.
Remember that all UC Merced resources, policies and communications about addressing COVID-19 planning and ramp-up to fall semester research, work and instruction can be found at the Campus Ready site. And as always, we urge you to do your part by using face coverings, maintaining physical distancing, and staying at home if you are sick.
Stay healthy,
Dr. Thelma Hurd
Director of Medical Education
Dr. Michelle Brinkop
Staff Physician
Andy Boyd
Chief Resiliency Officer