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Undergraduate Research

Re: Undergraduate Research
To: Faculty and Undergrad Students
July 16, 2020
Given the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in the United States, in California and in Merced in particular, we are continuously reviewing our operations and plans in consultation with state and county health officials.
As of July 16, 2020, we are limiting on-campus undergraduate research as follows:
  1. Paid undergraduate researchers are permitted access to on-campus research sites, contingent on approval of the principal investigator’s research operations plan and reopening of the building in which that research is conducted.
  2. Unpaid undergraduate researchers, whether receiving course credit or not, are not permitted access to on-campus research sites. Researchers are encouraged to continue these undergraduate research opportunities remotely where feasible.
  3. Undergraduate independent study/research hours will be remote for fall 2020.
Please note that if a student was a paid researcher in the summer (e.g., paid by UROC) but will not be paid in fall, he or she will no longer have access to on-campus research sites and must be removed from research operations plans.
Should these conditions change we will follow up with an additional campus update on this topic.
For questions or more information, please contact Interim Vice Chancellor for Research Marjorie Zatz .
Resources and communications for our preparation for fall semester can be found at the Campus Ready site.