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Clarification: Daily Health Check-In

Re: Clarification: Daily Health Check-In
To: All staff and faculty
Aug. 14, 2020
Dear Campus Community,
I want to clarify an aspect of the UC Merced Daily Health Check-In , which allows faculty and staff to self-report coronavirus symptoms, thereby mitigating the threat of COVID-19 on campus sites.
The screening is sent via email and a mobile app seven days a week. However, employees are not required to respond to Daily Health Check-In on days they are not scheduled to work.
If employees experience COVID-related symptoms on a day off, they should affirm those symptoms with Health Check-In on their next work day, before their shift begins. They will not be cleared to come to campus, and will need to follow university health and safety protocols. Additionally, if anyone has been away from campus for an extended period and has not been able to utilize the Daily Health Check-In, a one-time attestation form can be located on the Do Your Part website .
Though responding to Daily Health Check-In isn’t required on days off, I urge faculty and staff to do so whenever possible for the benefit of the campus community and to strengthen our determination to keep the campus operating amid a pandemic.
More information about Daily Health Check-In can be found on the Campus Ready website. Any questions can be directed to the COVID Response Center at .
Take care and stay safe,
Andrew Boyd
Chief Resilience Officer