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CORRECTION: COVID-19 Health and Safety Training

Re: CORRECTION: COVID-19 Health and Safety Training
To: Graduate students
Aug. 19, 2020
Dear UC Merced Graduate Students,
Like all of our community members, you received messages about the required UC Merced COVID-19 Health and Safety Training. Those of you who are employed by UC as research or teaching assistants may have gotten a second message sent to all graduate students asking you to complete the training. We would like to clarify that you only need to complete the training once. We have two different systems for administering the training guide and we are working to cross-reference them so we can confirm that you have completed the required training and you won’t continue to get reminder messages from one or both of the systems.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Charles Nies, Student Affairs
Chris Kello, Graduate Division
Shayna Bennett, Graduate Student Association